2022 Canadian Church Calendar

2022 Canadian Church Calendar

ISBN 9781551266336

$3.75 CAD

Note: This item is for use in the current year, 2022. To order the 2023 version of this item, click here.

Publisher: Anglican Church of Canada (2021)
Language: English (some French translations)
Size: 8.25” × 10.75”
Softcover: 28 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1551266336

Since 1906, the Canadian Church Calendar has been a useful and beautiful addition to the walls of homes, sacristies and offices across Canada. The 2022 calendar is now available, with 12 full-sized and 12 thumbnail-sized colour photos of Canadian Anglican churches. Details include notes on liturgical colours, saints’ days, important dates, previous and next month calendars on each page spread and more.

For a preview of the calendar, view a PDF at https://www.anglican.ca/2022-anglican-canadian-church-calendar-preview/.